About Niki

I discovered a couple things about my native Wichita when I moved back after 30 years.

One is that there are not as many healthy food choices as there were in Portland, where I had been living.  I was amazed and miserable at how much my stomach became distended upon moving back to Wichita.

That led me to seek colon hydrotherapy also known as colon cleansing – which I’d become an advocate of on the West Coast. But I had trouble finding it offered locally, so I decided to open Tallgrass Spa where people have the opportunity of colon hydrotherapy. Believing in strong communities, I have made Riverside my home, my work and my area of play.


Warmly, Niki


Please take a moment to read the Tallgrass Spa FAQs, and Contact Us to schedule an appointment or ask additional questions prior to booking a colon hydrotherapy session.